Thursday, September 3, 2009

WhoHooo! BitArmor recognized in the latest Magic Quadrant!

Apologize for getting a bit excited - BitArmor is named in the 2009 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Data Protection! The full report can be read from the Gartner website. Our release about this recognition can be read from our website.

In this blog, I usually talk about my thoughts on the industry, evolution of security etc and I don't blog much about our product and the company. However, this I do think is a good excuse to do so :) It is good to be recognized by leading security analysts as John Girard and Eric Ouellet!

The report highlights our unique information-centric security approach to protecting data. It also talks about our No-Breach Guarantee. And one phrase I like is "far advanced" - as a way to describe our technology. Nice!

Being information-centric in our approach to data protection makes us a bit different from the other vendors in the document - most of them protect mobile devices. Because of our Smart Tag technology, BitArmor is able to protect the data itself at all times - thus the protected data can move to a laptop, USB device, via email as attachments or via FTP. It can also move from a file share to a data center server to a backup tape and still remain protected. From this perspective, we are truly fulfilling the real "Mobile Data Protection". I think the naming of this Magic Quadrant report is a bit ahead of its times!

However, as it stands now, most people associate data protection with "mobile devices" - i.e. protecting the devices that the data rests on (laptops, USBs, phones etc). And possibly for good reason - there were no good enough or usable enough technologies that could truly protect the data itself and that too persistently. Until now, of course!

I do think the Mobile Data Protection Magic quadrant will evolve more towards a data or information-centric approach in the coming years. Looking forward to our footprint trending, nay jumping, up and to the right!

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