Friday, September 18, 2009

Gartner - Pay now or pay (a lot) later!

Read a few weeks ago a very interesting (and perhaps one of the few) analyst reports that analyze the costs of a fixing a breach as compared to prevention. Check it out here..

The basic premise of Gartner analyst, John Girard, is that the costs of prevention are insignificant compared to the costs of cleanup - less than 2%! How can management of any organization look at this and say that "let's cross our collective fingers" and hope for the best?

Data protection if done correctly, does not have to be expensive. I just read this article based on a survey that said most organizations in MA feel that the costs of data security are hurting firms. While I agree there is an investment to be made. the costs of cleanup are far higher. In fact a recent Ponemon report showed that over 60% of organizations have had breaches in the last 12 months - what this means is any organization has a 60+% chance of a breach!

Any organization should at least start protecting its most vulnerable assets - data in vulnerable locations. Be it on mobile devices such as laptops, USB devices or on file shares.

These costs are minimal compared to the costs of payment later...

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