Friday, September 11, 2009

My black-market value? 32 bucks

Interesting tool that Symantec has unveiled - an online risk calculator that figures out how much your identity could be auctioned off for! Apparently I am cheap and can be had for $32.29 - no idea how they got the accuracy down to 29 cents!

Without going into the merits of the calculator (and the random number generator behind it :)), I think it is an interesting thought. While a criminal might not be targeting you specifically, breaching and then auctioning off thousands of such records can make someone some pretty good coin.

It is also likely that the guys who breach have their specialty - getting the records. It is upto the buyer now to steal the actual cash from the accounts or credit cards that have been turned over! Specialization and job segmentation at its best!!

1 comment:

Mike said...

interesting. When I tried it out, it was $21.29. And, I couldn't change the amount for the life of me, no matter what I selected as my account information that's on-line...