Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Laptop = Cinderella, USB = Drizella? I.e. did the USB beat the rap?

Interesting article by Rich Mogull on how to protect USB keys. He seemed to have covered most of the ways one can protect data - I myself like to glue-gun approach! Just kidding, I am all for productivity while being secure.

However, this made me think of breach notification laws. As Rich pointed out and as I blogged about earlier, the sizes of USB keys are getting huge! I have one on my desk now at 8GB and a portable USB hard drive for 250GB! I presume that when one loses their laptops they have as big a chance of losing on of these hard drives or USB keys. And no one is as concerned, since they dont have to notify anyoneif they lose a USB key....

So answer me this - did the USB key and portable hard drive sneak past the breach notification lawmakers? Is the laptop, the Cinderella of the family that the lawmakers hate so much? And did the USB, Drizella, (which apparently is the stepsister's name according to Disney :)) get away?

And finally, is this analogy a really bad one? :)