Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Encryption - too much of a good (or bad) thing?

Seems like the new angst is about the problems of widespread encryption. Further comments on this by Shanmuga and Rich Mogull - who slams this (to put it mildly:)).

As technologies become widely used, it itself gets impacted by this usage and so do, in turn, the users - its a two way street. Widespread adoption of cell phones, the net etc caused huge changes in how people live and interact - this spurred further changes to these technologies as well. But the one constant of this change is that things become easier to use and more solid and reliable in its capability.

I don't buy the argument that widespread encryption will cause attacks via key management challenges - the key management challenge itself, I think, is overblown. All security companies worth their salt have good solutions for this- those that don't, will face the harsh reality of the market. In any case, technology is never going to solve your security problems - if you dont back it up with good processes...

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