Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Ponemon report - little change

It is interesting to note that the more things change, the more they remain the same! the new Ponemon report is out and the numbers are interesting (but no shocking new revelations). Check out the article from Dark Reading.

  • 74% of organizations had a breach in the last 12 months (the PGP release says 85%)
  • 22% had five or more breaches (and they did not have any encryption)
  • Compliance is a big driver (64% say this is why they do what they do)
One interesting nugget is the idea that encryption is becoming more strategic and folks are moving away from point solutions. I am not sure how people view the difference between point solutions and a suite of solutions :) (the latter is just a bunch of point products slapped together into an interface).

I strongly believe that this device-centric approach will not get us out of this funk. Every year we have more breaches, even though adoption of encryption is getting better. Why? Poor strategies, poor management of encryption and multiple device centric solutions not really doing the job.

The only way to truly protect data is with an information-centric security approach - and not focus on multiple devices, apps, file shares and now mobile devices as seen in this article.

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