Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The T-Mobile Breach - getting personal

Now they are getting personal! Being a T-Mobile customer has brought this scary world of breaches and identity theft home to me - with the news that T-Mobile confidential and customer data had been breached.

Being in the security industry and seeing a lot of breaches, one tends to get a bit overwhelmed - both with the scale and costs involved. And after a while one gets a bit numb as well. However, when it hits you personally, like it does for me now, it feels a bit different. I am frantically checking each of my credit card statements for erroneous charges, my bank statement to see if any worrisome withdrawals have gotten through etc. I am worried about my SSN being compromised and identities of my family stolen. Not a fun place to be...

While this may turn out to a hoax as some suggested (I selfishly do hope it is), but the sinking feeling it gave me when I read the news is real. And such a breach is not by any means, far-fetched.

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