Friday, January 9, 2009

Thats what we need - 2 terabyte memory cards!

This seems more like a giant leap by mankind - rather than the more predictable Moore's law. Seems like new SD card standards could bring about memory cards that have a 2TB capacity!

Imagine all the credit cards and personnel records that can be saved in one of those - image the fun we will be having in a few years when the entire SSN list of over 300M Americans are found in one of those! Even though I am an optimist, it is hard not to see bigger (literally) breaches ahead - unless we get our act together. Time to make these cards more secure - can we get some security standards also into the new SDXC standards?


Ax0n said...

I have a very hard time blaming a little gadget for a problem that exists almost exclusively due to human error and malevolence.

Manu Namboodiri said...

No doubt - but we can make the same argument for every breach. All due to human error or malevolence. It's just these cards (especially with such large capacities) will make the results of such error or ill-intent, much more glaring. :)

ax0n said...

True, but according to statistics at, you would be much better off (by a factor of seven) rallying against people storing private data on laptops