Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A horse's ass approach to virtualization security - The four horsemen

I opinioned a bit about the current approaches to virtualization security and how they might be failing to address current and future threats - let me explain further what I mean.

In the previous blog I gave a summary of my argument. In this second blog of the series I want to talk about the four elements that make up every computing environment
(i.e. the four horsemen :)): This will setup the argument I hope to make in my next blog.

  • Devices: These are the hardware and operating system combinations that host or store the execution environment.
  • Applications: Applications execute on host environments (devices + OS) and transform data into information useful for the business.
  • Data: Digital representation of information that is acted upon by applications.
  • Networks: Enable collaboration and the sharing of information across multiple devices and/or applications.
All four are absolutely essential to complete any transaction in the modern business world. However, to gain competitive advantage, organizations are looking to optimize the usage of these four elements. Technology, flexibility, and agility are becoming increasingly important in a fast-changing business world and have therefore led to the rise of virtualization.

In my next post I will discuss how these elements are being changed in a virtual environment and what impact it has on security.


Anonymous said...

That's cool, but was does this have to do with Chris Hoff?

Christofer Hoff said...

Um, yeah. I, er...

Well, I can't figure out if I'm the horse's ass or if the author -- while blogging about VirtSec -- couldn't manage to come up with a title of his own so he decided to riff mine.

I don't know what, if anything, it has to do with me, either.

However, if your next post mentions anything about Frogs (since that's what my next series features,) prepare for an ass kicking ;)