Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Share, but share insecurely?

In all the hoopla about IT admins getting into your stuff, (from the recent Cyber-Ark survey) most folks might have missed this interesting nugget...

"Majority are sloppy at handling and exchanging sensitive data Seven out of 10 companies rely on out-dated and insecure methods to exchange sensitive data when it comes to passing it between themselves and their business partners with 35% choosing to email sensitive data, 35% sending it via a courier, 22% using FTP and 4% still relying on the postal system. This shouldn’t be any big surprise when you learn that 12% of these senior IT personnel who were interviewed also choose to send cash in the post!"

Over 70% of companies share sensitive information within and without in an insecure way! Here we are, locking down data at rest within the company. However, as it leaves the safe haven - it is sent out in the clear!

This is where I think a more information-centric approach can help - protect the data rather than the devices and wherever the data goes, the protection follows. A bit like Mary's little lamb, if you get my drift...

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